Sleek And Powerful Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht

It’s safe to say that pretty much anything that bears the Bugatti badge is elegant and powerful, whether we’re talking about four-wheelers or yachts. Speaking of Bugatti yachts, the Atlantean Racing Yacht honors the company’s renowned Type 57 supercar that was built from 1934 through 1940. The concept’s design features an unmistakable 30s look mixed with contemporary aerodynamics.

Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht (8)

Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht (7)

Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht (6)

Boasting a low center of gravity, the vessel’s hull and two side supports are submerged in order to ensure utmost balance, while its curved pane windshield merges nicely with the yacht’s body and offers wide panoramic views. On the outside, the Atlantean flaunts a glass fiber body reinforced with a carbon fiber composite. Inside, there are enough seats for two passengers as well as a small living space.

Even though it’s nothing more than a concept at this point, the Bugatti Atlantean Racing yacht could pave the way for some pretty amazing vessels in the future.

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