Sky City in China – World’s Tallest Tower

Burj Khalifa should enjoy its glory while it can, because in a few years it will lose its fame as the world’s tallest building. The next one on the list is Sky City, a new bold project initiated by the Chinese. Still just in planning phase, the new tower will be 10 meters (32.8 feet) taller than the current tallest building, boasting an art deco-inspired architecture.

The base of the tower will cover a wide area, offering a lot of volume on its lower levels. To give it a more eco-friendly character, the architects also envisioned vast green terraces on the building’s various tower tops. In some cases, the beautifully manicured parks will be the size of a city block. Obviously, the Sky City will have a huge visual impact and it will stand as solid proof of China’s continuous economic growth. We are anxious to learn more about the multi-purpose building as the story develops.

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