Silver Emporium Unveils Hand Manufactured Silver Motorcycle

It’s not unusual for people to find themselves speechless at jewelry shows. Still, when the world’s first handcrafted silver motorcycle was unveiled at the India International Jewelry Show in Mumbai, the audience was completely wonderstruck.

The two-wheeled piece of jewelry was introduced to the public by Silver Emporium, a dealer and exporter of silverware from India. After a six month long manufacturing process, the result was nothing short of a work of art.

This particular unit was designed by the company’s chairman, Kantilal Mehta, but further examples can be customized according to each client’s preferences.This means that prices can range roughly between $82,000 and $164,000, depending on the customer’s requirements in term of design and motorization.

With every new order, the company will invite the client to be fully involved in the development process, from design to customization. Even though the bikes will be completely functional, something tells us that most owners will choose to keep the silver rides safe in their garages instead of taking them out on the road.