Shinola’s Handcrafted Accessories Are Exceptional

Shinola is a company based in Detroit that specializes in creating outstanding accessories, whether we’re talking about watches, backpacks, sport-related items or high quality dog lashes. However, apart from their amazing looks and obvious high quality, it’s worth mentioning that these products are made entirely by hand, which means that they were created with utmost attention to detail.

The leather sports equipment selection we mentioned before includes baseball gloves and balls, while the dog leash selection is complemented by a series of high quality bandanas. The timepieces are quite impressive in their own right, featuring large cases, readable dials with several sub-dials as well as luminescent hands and hour markers. The backpacks seem spacious and versatile, and they would definitely prove to be quite reliable as well. If you are looking for a collection of high quality, handmade accessories, it’s pretty clear that Shinola gear is definitely your best bet.




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