Sherman ‘Happy Robot’ Clock By MB&F

MB&F certainly knows how to surprise its fans, as the Swiss watchmaker has unveiled a spectacular robot-inspired clock that will leave them breathless. Created in collaboration with L’Epee, the MB&F Sherman looks somewhat similar to the MB&F Melchior clock unveiled in 2015, but this piece actually costs half as much.

Sherman ‘Happy Robot’ Clock By MB&F 1

Limited to 450 units, the Sherman will come in three different versions. Two hundred of these clocks will feature palladium plating, while the other two hundred will be plated in yellow gold. Finally, 50 lavish pieces will receive superb diamond adornments that will surely allow them to steal the spotlight. All versions will be powered by the same complex movement that features a power reserve of 8 days and includes 148 parts. The robot’s eyes serve as sockets for the winding key, and they can also be used to adjust the clock. As for the price, the gold-plated and palladium versions will cost $14,000, while the diamond-set pieces will set you back about $33,000.

Sherman ‘Happy Robot’ Clock By MB&F 7

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