Sheer Opulence in a Bottle: The Royal Dragon Vodka

The exquisite Royal Dragon Vodka collection was created to celebrate the Year of the Dragon in a special, opulent manner. The collection includes three different bottle and packaging designs, but only one fine vodka, distilled from the best Russian winter harvest rye, for five times! This process was carried out using a 100-years-old copper pot still, and the final result is an extremely pure and superior vodka that is excellent on rocks, in cocktails, or neat.

The Royal Dragon Elite flaunts a luxurious bottle with an intricate golden dragon design over a beautiful black matte coating. The Imperial version brings a new level of luxury with it, as the hand-blown bottle includes a beautifully sculpted dragon, and the exquisite liquid within contains 23-carat edible gold leaves!

The most spectacular of the three versions is The Emperor, limited to only 888 bottles. Also containing edible gold leaves, the vodka is presented in a fabulous hand-blown bottle, a true piece of art. Gold and diamonds decorate it, making it fully worthy of its name. For people who can afford such a bottle, The Year of the Dragon is truly a year of success!

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