SGA Aerodynamics’ Fantastic Mercedes SLS AMG

The tuning specialists at SGA Aerodynamics have recently come up with a brand new interpretation of a spectacular Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar, and just in case you thought that the original was impressive, get ready to be truly amazed! This magnificent beast on four wheels received a brand new carbon fiber body kit courtesy of SGA Aerodynamics, and we have to say that it looks better than ever. The body kit comprises an extra splitter, carbon fiber fins, a brand new front bumper and new side skirts.

Speaking of the side skirts, it’s worth mentioning that they feature their own cooling vents that are meant to keep the rear brakes at a decent temperature, since they are bound to be working hard during a sporty driving session. The package also includes an adjustable rear wing, a customized rear apron that features its own diffuser and side vents for the front fenders, which were also created out of lightweight and tough carbon fiber.

The engine also receives extra ventilation thanks to a specially modified hood. Finally, the standard wheels were swapped with a pair of superb 21-inch alloys at the rear and 20-inch ones at the front. While we don’t have any specific details regarding the overall price tag of these modifications, we’re pretty sure that they would be worth every penny for a true Mercedes-Benz fan.






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