SGA Aerodynamics Creates An Exquisite Audi R8 GT

The remarkable Audi R8 GT received a very impressive makeover courtesy of a well-established tuning company called SGA Aerodynamics. The car boasts a brand new body kit as well as a remarkable black paint job that gives off an air of elegance and aggressiveness at the same time. Even though the tuners implemented mostly aesthetic modifications for this Audi, you’ll be surprised to find out that the car’s performance also benefited from these upgrades.

The performance boost was achieved thanks to a brand new body kit that can actually increase axel downforce thus ensuring improved speed and handling. The ride sits on a splendid set of forged alloy wheels that measure 21 inches, but the brand new adjustable coil-over suspension also deserves a mention.

As far as the body kit is concerned, we can tell you that it includes new blades, a redesigned front bumper, a customized rear bumper, an integrated diffuser, new side skirts and a new rear wing. The exhaust system was swapped for a high-end MAE Design system that features remote-controlled valves.

All in all, it is quite obvious that the Audi R8 GT by SGA Aerodynamics is superior to its stock cousin in terms of aerodynamics, handling and speed. Even though we don’t have any details regarding the car’s price tag, we can safely assume that such modifications would not come cheap, and rightfully so.







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