Seeking an Outfit for a Black Tie Event

Seeking an Outfit for a Black Tie Event

As the holiday season draws near, the odds that you’ll be invited to a black tie event will increase. Many people have questions about what does and doesn’t qualify as “black tie.” As a matter of fact, there are thousands of people that use search engines to look up things like “dress code for black tie events.”

If you want to learn more about the appropriate black tie attire, these tips will help. After reading through these suggestions, you’ll have a clearer picture of what this dress code entails.

In a nutshell, you should be wearing a tuxedo to a black tie event. Tuxedos have traditionally been worn to these affairs. For daytime events, or for events held when weather is warm, it’s acceptable to wear a white jacket.

For all other events, only white jackets are acceptable. You should avoid wearing tuxedos in any other shade unless you’ve been explicitly told that it’s acceptable or if the event isn’t a serious affair. As an example, men can wear tuxedos in a range of shades when attending a high school prom.

Renting vs Owning

Unless you own a tuxedo already, you’ll find that your best choice is to rent something for the event. Reach out to tuxedo rental shops in your area to learn more about the sizes and options that are available to you. You should also ask about prices. Generally, renting a tuxedo costs anywhere from $50 to $100.

If you attend black tie events on a regular basis, you may find that it’s better to purchase a tuxedo. If you’re trying to decide whether to purchase a tuxedo, consider how many times you typically wear a tuxedo in any given years. If you attend black tie events more than three times annually, a tuxedo is a smart investment.

While tuxedos can be costly, you should be able to find reasonable options if you watch for sales. It’ll be easier for you to get a good price if you don’t need something immediately. That way, you’ll be able to search for some of the best deals available. It’s been to avoid buying tuxedos that are made from synthetic materials. Instead, choose a tuxedo made from wool.

It’s a breathable fabric that’s comfortable to wear. If you opt for a finer wool, your tuxedo will have a nice shine to it, which will give it a more elegant appearance. Experts have terms they use when describing the quality of wool, such as super 100s, 120s, 140s, and 200s. A more affordable tuxedo is likely to be in the super 100s category, while a tuxedo classified as super 140s is a luxury tuxedo.

It’s typically for rental companies, tuxedos are made from a combination of wool and polyester. This is because these tuxedos are more affordable, simple to clean, and tend to last for longer.

The Best Ties for Black Tie Events

Generally, if you’re attending a black tie event, you’ll also need to wear a bow tie. This is considered to be more formal than a tie, making it your best choice. If you’re attending a daytime even or an event held in a warmer season, a white tuxedo with a white bow tie would be a good choice.

At weddings, it’s common to see bow ties in a range of colors, from forest green to navy to fire engine red. Colors are often chosen to compliment wedding colors. Neckties are acceptable for semi-formal events, but aren’t appropriate for traditional black tie affairs. Whether you’re wearing a bow tie or necktie, black is the most formal color. Another formal option are satin or silk neckties that are in a solid color.

Cap It Off With Some Accessories

Once you’re familiar with the essentials, you’ll have to think about accessories. This includes watches, belts, footwear, and cuff links and even tie bars if opting for a traditional necktie vs a bowtie.

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Cuff links can be a wonderful way to improve the look of your tuxedo. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the color of your cuff links complements any other jewelry you’re wearing.

You should opt for black shoes and should make sure they’re polished so that they shine. Tuxedo shoes are your best option.

These shoes typically have a coating with a high gloss effect as well as thinner soles. Another way to dress up an outfit is with a pocket square. White squares are the most standard option. If you’re wearing a white jacket, a black pocket square could be a good choice. A black cummerbund is often worn in place of a belt.

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