Scubacraft: The 2-in-1 Water Vessel

If you want to save some money this summer, Scubacraft was created to fulfill your dream. For $144,000 you can buy this two in one water vessel for exploring the depths and water skiing as it can be both a boat and a submarine.

It is 15 feet long, has a 160 horsepower naturally aspirated four-stroke engine with an inline four-cylinder DOHC configuration. It can reach 50 mph on the surface and descend 164 feet. Scubacraft is also safe because it has no exposed propellers, it is powered by a jet propulsion system and it even has an onboard air supply with reserve. You will have permanent ship-to-shore communication both underwater and on the surface. The best part about this boat is that it can carry three passengers, so you can take two friends in your unforgettable explorations.

Scubacraft The 2-in-1 Water Vessel (1) 

Scubacraft The 2-in-1 Water Vessel (2) 

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