Santo Versace Sells His Home in Milano: $64 Million

Santo Versace, co-chief executive officer of Gianni Versace SpA, has recently put his lavish residence in Milano on the market. The mansion is situated on the city’s only street with trees, called Via de Diardini. The exterior shows a simple design, but that shouldn’t trick you into believing that the home is anything less than mind blowing in terms of luxury and amenities.

After passing its doorstep, a whole world of elegance and sophistication opens before your eyes. Offering 22,604 square feet of living space, the residence features four floors, plus a basement level for the staff. According to Sotheby’s Realty, this is “one of the finest examples of post-war rationalist residential architecture in the city”.

The designers behind this building were Carlo De Carli and Antonio Carminati. Besides its tastefully-appointed interiors, the house also boasts a carefully manicured private garden covering approximately 4,757 square feet, plus a lovely 3,229-square-foot rooftop terrace. Santo Versace asks $2,833 per square foot. That’s over $64 million in all.

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