Ruwa – The First Luxury Halal Drink

Since Islamic countries see alcoholic beverages as unlawful, the UK-based Beverage Company came up with a halal solution: the alcohol-free Ruwa luxury drink. Expensive wines and whiskeys now have a luxe equivalent in the 20 million Dirham ($5.5 million) beverage.

The bottles are hand-carved and boast two bars of white gold, 200 rubies and 8,000 diamonds. After buying one bottle, the company ensures refills for the rich customer. With a strong taste of elderflower and rose, Ruwa is also available in a cheaper version of 3 million Dirham or approximately $817,000. According to John Edgar, the boss of The Beverage Company, “This is the first luxury halal drink on the market” and it is expected to find buyers among the wealthy middle-eastern people, luxury hotels and high-end establishments.

The cost of being in a rehabilitation program for years is still only a fraction of the cost of some of the world’s most expensive drinks.

Ruwa – The First Luxury Halal Drink

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