Rumors About Porsche Pajun and the 960 Supercar

Porsche is continuously expanding its lineup and here are two of the new models that we would really like to test drive one day. First is the Pajun, a so-called Junior Panamera. The name sounds a little too much like that of the upcoming Cajun, meant to slot in below the Cayenne, so this is probably just a temporary nickname.

According to Car magazine, the Pajun may come in sedan, coupe, convertible and shooting brake form, and it could share its underpinning with future Lamborghini and Bentley models. Its powertrain options will probably include 550-hp V6 direct-injection engines, a turbo form, a twin-turbo V8 boasting 600 hp, a plug-in hybrid and also some Audi diesels.

The second series of rumors is about the 960 supercar, which is apparently meant to replace the 961 project, that was supposed to come with a 911-based chassis and a twin-turbo V8, and which has apparently been dropped. The car will have a new mid-engine platform (not from the 911 or the next-gen Gallardo and Audi A8) and it will slot below the 918.Rumors About Porsche Pajun and the 960 Supercar



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