Rocky Noble Luxury Dog Furniture at Harrods by Lush Pups

It’s a dog’s life…and one that we definitely wouldn’t mind leading! Rocky Noble’s life is all about comfort, pampering and luxury. He is a tiny Chihuahua with an incredibly dedicated owner, who has done everything to make sure that her little pawed friend is happy.

You may have already seen Rocky on ITV, in an episode of Super Tiny Animals, or you may know him as Britain’s best dressed pooch. The most recent piece of news related to the famous pet is his brand new line of luxury furniture created by pet furniture specialists Lush Pups in collaboration with owner Lynsey Noble.

The line is currently available for purchase at Harrods, the fabled luxury department store in London. The custom collection includes handmade pieces manufactured with solid wood, decorative Swarovski crystals, fluffy sheepskin mattresses and leopard print trims. You can choose between a sofa, a four-poster bed, and a set of stairs, at prices that range between £495 ($770) and £1,600 ($2,500).