Restored 1964 Low Drag Lightweight E-Type Jaguar Worth £5M

When the first Jaguar E-Type was launched at the Geneva Auto Show in 1961 (this year the automaker celebrates E-Type’s 50th anniversary), everybody stood in awe at the sight. This was like no other Jaguar before: its long nose was a completely new feature, and a very appealing one too. The model was presented as both a coupe and a roadster version, and compared to its competitors, this one was not only better looking, but also cheaper and much faster. Of course, it was an instant hit.

After a while, the automaker decided to create the “Lightweight E-Type”, a racing version of the road car, with a more powerful fuel injected six cylinder engine and an aluminum alloy monocoque chassis which saved a lot of weight for the car. This is how the vehicle in the pictures was born.

Its story is very fascinating, and not only because of the races it won. The 1964 Low Drag Lightweight E-Type Jaguar was once completely destroyed in a huge crash at the Montlhery circuit in France. The accident took the lives of two drivers and two marshals and many believed that the car was also lost for good. However, four years ago a visionary man decided to bring the gorgeous car back to life.

His name is Peter Neumark and he is the owner of the Bridgnorth-based Classic Motor Car business. With help and support from his family (who brought him old videos and photos of the original vehicle), Neumark managed to completely and perfectly restore the Lightweight E-Type Jaguar using over 90% of its original pieces. He even welded the metal parts together using the original construction method. For this he invested over £30,000 in professional welding equipment.

The final outcome is a spectacular 1964 Low Drag Lightweight E-Type Jaguar worth £5 million ($8.2 million). This precious piece of automotive history cost its restorer more than 7,000 hours of hard work, so the steep price should not be a surprise to anybody.

Restored 1964 Low Drag Lightweight E-Type Jaguar (2)

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