Repurposed Jerry Cans By Danish Fuel

World War II was a horrible ordeal, sure, but it was a very important global event and a very significant part of human history, which is why numerous individuals strive to collect items connected to World War II on a regular basis. Originally designed and created by the Germans, Jerry Cans were used to transport over 5 gallons of important liquids such as fuel without the assistance of a funnel.

A company called Danish Fuel decided to repurpose some of these Jerry Cans and transform them into military-inspired cabinets or luggage pieces, all featuring their original colors and unique designs. During the 1930s, these containers were very important and practical,as you can imagine, and they each boasted their own different colors depending on the liquids that were housed within. For example, yellow Jerry Cans contained diesel fuel, the red ones had gasoline and the light blue ones always housed water.




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