Remarkable Urca Apartment In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The luxurious and spacious Urca Apartment was designed by Studio Arthur Casas, and it can be found in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It offers no less than 7,179 square feet of living space, which is definitely enough for a single owner or even a small family. The original apartment was in dire need of a renovation, and it was transformed masterfully by a team of skilled architects led by Arthur Casas.

In 2011, the penthouse was complete and was ready to accommodate its owner in superb conditions. Large windows allow natural light to flow unhindered throughout the living areas, while comfortable sofas and lounging areas tempt with unforgettable moments of relaxation. The apartment was initially a duplex, but the renovation included the addition of a third floor. Now, all floors are linked by a beautiful staircase, but there is also an elevator within the abode.

The first floor is reserved for the guest accommodations, the staff bedrooms and the kitchen. The second floor features the primary entrance as well as the luxurious living room that opens up to an outdoor terrace with the help of sliding glass doors. Last but not least, the third floor houses the master suite, which benefits from staggering views of the Guanabara Bay.








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