Relievo: 3D Reproductions of Van Gogh’s Masterpieces

A new collection of 3D reproductions of famous Van Gogh works of art is currently on display at Gallery by the Harbour in Hong Kong. Called Relievo, the collection was created by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in collaboration with Fujifilm Belgium, who has introduced an innovative printing technology called Reliefography.

The process involves advanced scanning and printing methods and the result is simply amazing. The original works of art are faithfully reproduced down to the last detail, including the stamps and labels at the back of the paintings. Every last detail of the original works – color, texture, brightness – has been accurately recreated in these replicas.

They were made using anti-counterfeit technologies with innovative Fujifilm UV inkjet printers, and all stages of the process were carefully monitored by experts to ensure uncompromising quality and amazing results.

One extraordinary advantage of this technology is that it makes Van Gogh’s works even more accessible to viewers, who can now come very close to the replicas and even touch them – something they could never do with the original pieces. This even engages the visually impaired art enthusiasts who can appreciate the artist’s works on a level that other people cannot understand.