Reinvented Bacoc Hacienda in the Yucatan Peninsula

After spending decades as an abandoned ruin, this 19th century hacienda in the Yucatan Peninsula was brought back to life by Salvador Reyes Rios and LarrainArquitectos. Its new owner wanted to preserve parts of the original building and so the modern home features a central courtyard with old walls conquered by vegetation, speaking without words about a mysterious past.

When looked at from the front, the newly built Bacoc Hacienda has a symmetrical contemporary design, with two identical volumes on each side of the aforementioned courtyard. The back of the house, however, features asymmetrical blocks that continue with a pool towards an intimate area surrounded by lush tropical vegetation.

For the beautiful and inviting interiors, the owner chose a warm color palette that contributes to a serene and relaxed lifestyle. Skylights keep the spaces flooded with natural light, thus limiting the need for electricity use during the day. The same goal is achieved by passive cooling systems as well. With a contemporary design and consideration for the future, this residence is relevant for the present and next generations, while having deep roots into the past.