Record Breaking Traveller

British Fred Finn is a 70 year old man who holds the record as the man who has travelled the most in a lifetime. Fred Finn has made 718 flights adding up to 15 million miles. The British tourist has visited 139 out of  the world’s 196 countries.

Finn claims to have spent the last 52 years of his life travelling, as he started to do so at the age of 18 when he flew for the first time to New York. Since then, he travelled around the world and managed to see up to the age of 70, no less than 139 countries.

Fred Finn also holds a more peculiar record, as the man with the most flights made aboard the Concorde.

To be exact, Finn made 718 trips on the Concorde and even more peculiar than that, during his 718 flights he always managed to sit in the same seat. He claims to have always sat in the  same place because he noticed it was a seat from which they started to serve food and drinks. And I’m sure this will come as a surprise to you, as it did to us, he holds the record for most flights on the Concorde in one day. Finn was also on board of the Concorde’s last flight from New York to London back in 2005.

In addition to that, the record-breaking tourist also kept a log of his journeys which contains very specific details of the flights and trains he took, logs which are signed by the pilots of the planes he was on and the drivers of the trains he took. The log was maintained in order to prove that he is telling the truth.

Finn claims that over the years travelling has cost him over £2 million (most of which was deducted from the companies he worked for).

He holds the Guinness World Record as the man with “the most miles travelled as a passenger” since 1983 at which time he added up to 7 million miles. He’s been holding the record ever since and no one has ever been close to breaking it.

When asked which was his least favourite country he responded that it was Nigeria saying that “it is full of conmen, I don’t like the dry climate and there are rip-offs everywhere.” His favourite country on the other hand is Kenya, where he also manages an orphanage.

Also regarding the places he has travelled to, Fred Finn claims to have seen Africa 600 times and to have crossed the Atlantic for 2,000 times.

His ambitions regarding the prospects of travelling some more are to go on the Moon. He said that:  “it’s still something I’d be really keen to explore as soon as the opportunity arises.” As much as travelling on Earth is concerned, 139 countries seem to have been sufficient for this traveller as he admits: “I have no desire to visit any new countries now. I’ve been to more places than I could ever dream of and don’t really want to visit the remaining ones.”

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