Rayz Plus Earbuds By Pioneer

When Apple announced that their newest iPhones would not include headphone jacks, many people expressed their disappointment, but some realized that moving on to a pair of Lightning compatible earbuds is not exactly the worse thing in the world. The problem is that listening to music and charging the smartphone at the same time is not possible with conventional earbuds, which is why Pioneer has decided to create the Rayz Plus.

Rayz Plus Earbuds By Pioneer 1 Rayz Plus Earbuds By Pioneer 2 Rayz Plus Earbuds By Pioneer 4

What makes these earbuds special is that they incorporate a lightning jack directly into the cable. Users can plug them into their phones and then plug the charger into the product’s charging port in order to charge up the phone’s battery while they are listening to their favorite tunes. Other impressive details include a smart noise cancelling technology, a cable-mounted control interface, and an auto-pause feature. The Rayz Plus is based on a built-in 24-bit 48 kHz digital audio processor and amp, and it costs just $150.

Rayz Plus Earbuds By Pioneer 5 Rayz Plus Earbuds By Pioneer 6

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