Rare ABBA Maxi Single Sells for $6,400 at Auction

Three decades after Swedish music group ABBA split, their records still sell incredibly well, and diehard fans buy every new piece of memorabilia that they can get at auction. As proof of that, a 1981 limited edition maxi single has recently sold for $6,400 at an online auction by Stockholms Auktionsverk. Only 200 copies of the single were ever made, and they were dedicated to the group’s manager, Stig Anderson, on the occasion of his 50th birthday.

The rare single was part of a huge collection of various objects related to the iconic group. The collection was put together by Thomas Nordin, an ABBA enthusiast who bought his first souvenir in 1974, when he was only nine. The lifetime fan kept only three items for himself, including a postcard with the autographs of the group’s four members.

Among the many things that lured bidders to the sale, besides the aforementioned single, there were ABBA dolls, soaps, books, original posters, clippings and more. A purple vest with the name of the group written on it went for seven times its listing price, fetching $4,800.The auction house and Nordin were both very surprised and very pleased of the sale’s results.