Range Rover Evoke Receives the Kahn Design Treatment

Kahn Design has a very special relationship with Range Rovers. Afzal Kahn has upgraded many of the luxury SUVs, and his latest project is the beautiful Evoke. The name of the kit is A. Kahn Design Vesuvius, and it is a truly remarkable package, one that will take your Range Rover Evoke to a whole new level of exquisiteness.

Kahn’s work on the SUV respected the factory style lines, and he spent thousands of hours on this project together with his team. He said that this was “a very complicated car to work”, and that he put his heart and soul into it. “I wanted to ensure it isn’t seen as a conventional car, but as something more serious for the road”, he continued.

The package contains new and more aggressive bumpers (front and rear), two rear spoilers, and all-new 22-inch alloy wheels. The interior was also modified receiving an Alcantara treatment, some carbon fiber details, and diamond quilted seats.

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