Rain Eye Drops Shares How to Protect Your Eyes from Phones and Computers

Rain Eyedrops Shares How to Protect Your Eyes from Phones and Computers

Good vision is important to many people, which is why eye health is something that generates a lot of attention. There are so many mundane activities we engage in that have adverse effects on our eyes, leading to conditions like dry eye. Such activities include driving, riding a bike, using a phone, and working on a computer.

Against this backdrop, there is significant demand for products that can help people cope with the eye strain they experience from these activities. Therefore, it is not shocking the RAIN brand recently launched a product called Rain Eye Drops to better satisfy this demand.

We were able to secure an interview with a spokesperson from the RAIN brand and we touched on topics like the brand’s new product, the activities that strain the eyes, and the best ways to protect one’s eyes.

What are the effects phones and computers can have on one’s eyes?

Phones and computers have one thing in common, they emit blue light. It is no longer news that blue light can have harmful effects on the eye’s retina. One major reason why blue light is so dangerous to the eye is the fact that the eye’s cornea cannot block it.

Thus, blue light has a direct shot into your photoreceptor, overburdening those cells. This is what results in eye strain or the dry eye condition.

How do phones and computers cause dry eyes?

The dry eye condition occurs mainly because the tears produced by the eyes are not sufficient enough to keep the eyes moist. Also, it could occur when tears of low quality are produced. Low-quality tears mostly do a bad job of keeping moisture in the eyes.

When using computers and phones, the brightness of the screen reflected in the eyes could cause moisture to evaporate faster and this leads to dryness. In addition, digital screens like phones and computers affect the way we blink.

We often blink less when using these devices which can cause dryness, since blinking is needed to retain moisture in the eyes.

Rain Eye Drops can provide dry eye relief.

How can people protect their eyes from phones and computers?

There are a couple of measures you can take. These measures include reducing your screen time, maintaining a healthy distance to these screens, and taking breaks.

Staying hydrated also helps to keep your eyes protected when using digital screens. In addition, you should blink often when utilizing your phone and computer as this would keep the eye surface moist.

Can Rain Eye Drops be used to protect the eyes?

Definitely. In fact, Rain Eye Drops is a product we developed specifically because more people were getting dry eyes as a result of longer screen time. The product is therefore suitable for the protection of the eyes as it introduces artificial moisture into the eyes and prevents dryness.

In addition, the product is based on a natural formulation and completely free from any form of preservative. Although preservatives are common in many over-the-counter eye drops, we decided against putting any in Rain Eye Drops.

This is mainly because these preservative agents have been shown to aggravate the dry eye condition and even have more damaging effects. We have therefore prioritized the eye health of customers to create a product that will soothe the discomfort caused by dry eyes while still being completely safe.

Any concluding note?

In this digital age, it might be impossible to avoid using phones and computers, however, the need to protect your eyes cannot be overemphasized. Artificial tear drops can prove useful in this regard.

Rain Eye Drops, in particular, would do a great job of naturally lubricating your eyes and soothing eye strain without any harmful side effects.

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