Racing-Ready Ferrari FXX-K

Ferrari cars are widely famous for their sportiness even though most of them aren’t designed to be driven on race tracks exclusively. Still, if the street-legal versions of these dashing cars are so powerful and intimidating, can you imagine how a track-only Ferrari would look and drive? Meet the Ferrari FXX-K – a pureblooded supercar that was made to be driven competitively.

It is powered by a 6.3-liter V12 engine that’s good for 1,035 horsepower, and it even features the HY-KERS drivetrain that can be found on the LaFerrari. The difference is that the FXX-K lacks exhaust silencers and features improved intake manifolds as well as new camshafts, while the Pirelli P-Zero Slik that envelop the wheels tires flaunt their own acceleration sensors.

Thanks to a very impressive aerodynamic design, the Ferrari FXX-K boasts up to up to 50% more downforce when compared to other Ferrari vehicles, which means that it can run faster without gaining a hint of lift. According to track conditions and the driver’s own preference, the car can be driven using four modes named Manual Boost, Fast Charge, Long Run and Qualify. This beastly four-wheeler is a part of the Italian automaker’s Client-Test Driver program, which means that a series of lucky regular customers will actually get to drive it.