Quick Ways to Get to Sleep Faster

Whether you’re young or old, getting to sleep can be a nightmare sometimes. For youngsters, it might be the rebellion kicking in, or just having too much energy at the wrong time. But for all of us adults, most of the time when we can’t sleep, it’s right when we want to be. And it can be pretty annoying sometimes. There aren’t many feelings worse than setting a 7 A.M. alarm at 4 or 5 in the morning the same day. Here are a couple tips and tricks to help get you to sleep faster, so you can have energy in a stressful life.

Go to Bed Early

This sounds really counter intuitive, since going to bed earlier just means that you’re more awake, but really what I’m saying is wake up early. A sleep schedule where you’re up with the sun and down with the sun is the best way to go. You’ll be tired enough at the end of the day to just want to pass out, but not too tired that waking up the next morning is anything more than a drag. 

Essential Oils

Scenting your pillow or bed sheets with a calming aroma can also be extremely effective. There are a ton of different essential oils that are tailored specifically towards aiding in sleep. These are widely available, and always worth a shot if nothing else is getting the job done for you. 


About an hour before you plan to go to sleep, that’s when you should start winding down. Getting pajamas on and brushing your teeth now is the ideal time. It’s also extremely helpful to put away brain stimulating activities, such as devices with screens or anything hard to think about. This is also the best time to make sure you aren’t getting your heartbeat up too high, aka stand by on that workout you forgot to do in the morning.

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