Queen Victoria’s Bloomers Fetched $15,000 at Auction

At a recent expensive memorabilia auction with items from London’s Old Battersea House, a rather large pair of white silk bloomers was sold for $15,000. For this money you would expect the undergarment to be a luxe Victoria’s Secret creation, when in fact it was a secret that used to belong to Queen Victoria herself! Yes, the silk underwear was once owned by the famous queen. The anonymous bidder paid more than three times the original estimate for the lot.

Also sold at the Lyon & Turnbull auction was a painting depicting Queen Victoria and her favorite Scottish servant, John Brown. The painting was a gift from the Queen to Brown and it fetched $230,000. Another interesting lot consisted of two pairs of silk stockings worn by the renowned female monarch, and which sold for $8,004 a pair.

Other celebrity memorabilia were also sold at the event, all coming from the Old Battersea House, which hosted numerous famous personalities. Among them were U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Elizabeth Taylor, who spent one of her honeymoons here. It’s amazing how much second-hand things cost if they once belonged to someone important!Queen Victoria’s Bloomers Fetched $15,000 at Auction (1)Queen Victoria’s Bloomers Fetched $15,000 at Auction (2)

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