Qlocktwo W Watch Tells You the Time in Words

Deigned by German studio Biegert & Funk, this outstanding wristwatch is the first in the world to use words instead of numbers in order to tell time. The project was based on an older wall clock model that they had exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, back in 2010. The watch features a word search puzzle-like dial with 110 letters that can light up to show the time.

The letters are set on a 35x35x7-millimeter case that only gets illuminated when a stainless steel button is pushed to indicate what time it is. This remarkable timepiece – called Qlocktwo W – is expected to become available starting autumn 2012 in two versions: black or steel case with black leather or rubber strap. Currently ready in English and German format, more grids are still being made for other languages as well.

Qlocktwo W Watch Tells You the Time in Words

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