Pure Luxury – a Personal Computer Like No Other

PC case designs are various and different, but when you think about it for a minute, you can’t overlook the fact that they are all based on a classic rectangular shape. To this particular problem, the Pure Luxury PC has got the perfect solution: a highly innovative design, envisioned and created by DARWINmachine. Now your personal computer is more than a complicated high-tech machinery, it’s also a real work of art.

Add to this the best pieces of hardware you can find from the best manufacturers out there, and you get a computer that might just have no match. But its catchy name and steep price (starts at $9,500) suggests that there’s even more to this exclusive creation: Pure Luxury must mean more than stylish design and high performance.

So here is what “more” really is: lifetime hardware warranty, lifetime 24/7 support from a specialized Pure Luxury representative (via a dedicated phone line), guaranteed performance benchmarks, Factory-fresh backup image on 32GB Kingston USB 3.0 flash drive, and careful shipment for every PC in a wooden crate. Shipment is made overnight to any U.S. address, and international sales enjoy priority shipping. The company’s promise is: “We will not only cover shipping costs but will replace it with an equal or greater performing component at no additional cost”.

What more could anyone ask for? Nothing really.

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