Project 3 High Heels by Julia Lundsten

Last year, when we wrote about the mind-boggling nine-inch high heel sandals called Sky Heel,   we ended our article by saying that we were really anxious to see what the future would bring on the shoe market. Today the future is here with a fascinating and quite expensive creation by famous designer Julia Lundsten, the genius mind behind Finsk label.

The latest Finsk creation is Project 3, a very sculptural and intimidating footwear design. Created for the bold, Lady Gaga-like fashion lovers, the shoes are dangerously high: 6.5 inches. With a very angular design and a geometry that makes you feel dizzy just by looking at it, these sandals are only for the boldest ladies out there. Oh, and there is one more quality that you need to have to make these platforms look good on you: you’ve got to be rich. Made in Brazil, Project 3 is priced at $1,000 a pair.Project 3 High Heels by Julia Lundsten



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