Prince’s Purple Rain Jacket Could Sell For About $100,000

It’s definitely not uncommon for objects or clothing pieces belonging to celebrities to cost thousands of dollars, but when these celebrities pass away, the prices of these objects usually skyrockets. That’s exactly what happened when Michael Jackson died, and it will probably happen again with Prince’s belongings, especially when it comes to the black and white jacket that he wore in 1984 while he was filming Purple Rain.

Prince’s Purple Rain Jacket (2)

The jacket was originally estimated at $8,000, but it’s probably safe to assume that it will sell for much more now that the famed musician is no longer among us. The piece will be put under the hammer, and the event will also include other important pieces from Prince’s wardrobe such as a white ruffled shirt from Purple Rain as well as a pair of knee-high white heeled boots that he wore in 1988 during his Lovesexy tour.

Prince’s Purple Rain Jacket (1)

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