Prima Games Unveils A Comprehensive Guide Of NES Games

Those of who are fans of retro video games are probably looking forward to fall 2016 quite a bit, since that’s when the NES Classic Edition and Sega Retro Mega Drive are scheduled to become available. However, there’s another reason to be excited, as Prima Games will soon reveal an all-encompassing guide of NES games named “Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics.”

Prima Games Guide Of NES Games 1

Even though these games are not as complex as the titles that we’re used to right now, they were definitely engaging back in their glory days. And since the NES will hit the shelves once more this year, this hardcover book can definitely help you re-live some of those amazing moments. To make things even better, the book takes on the shape of an old NES cartridge, which is bound to cause some nostalgia.

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