Moments With Foo Presents Discussion on Government Contracts with Dr. Kizzy Parks

Miami, Florida (Hexa PR Wire–July 9, 2023)–The most recent edition of “Moments With Foo” featured a special guest, Dr. Kizzy M. Parks, President of GovCon Winners™. In the episode, Dr. Parks traced her path from selling golf balls in childhood to leading an array of successful businesses today, sharing her experiences and insights into using government contracts as a tool for small business growth.

From Golf Balls to Government Contracts: The Journey of Dr. Parks

Dr. Parks’ story encapsulates ambition and resolve. As a child, her entrepreneurial instincts had her finding ways to generate income by selling golf balls back to golfers. Fast-forward to today, she is a thriving entrepreneur, with a portfolio that boasts over $60 million in federal government contract awards.

Dr. Kizzy M. Parks, President
Dr. Kizzy M. Parks, President of GovCon Winners™

GovCon Winners™: Facilitating Government Contracting

Dr. Parks, at the helm of GovCon Winners™, has assisted clients in securing over $3 million in federal government contracts within a span of fewer than six months. Despite the often-held view that government contracting is a daunting task, Dr. Parks stands firm on her belief that anyone, with the correct guidance and resources, can make strides in this field.

Imparting Invaluable Insights to “Moments With Foo” Audience

In this episode of “Moments With Foo,” hosted by James Foo Torres, Dr. Parks took the listeners through her unique journey and elucidated on how small businesses can tap into the potential of government contracts. She provided a detailed breakdown of the process, advising on how to maneuver through the inherent challenges. The conversation proved to be a beneficial resource for small business owners who aim to broaden their horizons and optimize their growth opportunities.

To gain from Dr. Parks’ expertise and journey, tune into this episode of “Moments With Foo” on the Strategic Advisor Board Podcast.

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