Hexa Cloud Services Announces Hosting Offer: Migrate Free and Get 2 Months Complimentary

Miami Beach, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–October 26)Hexa Cloud Services has unveiled a new promotion that offers free migration and two months of hosting at no charge for clients who opt for either a six-month or a one-year subscription. In addition, they guarantee a cost-free migration back for clients who may not be satisfied with their services.

Offer Details

  • Free Migration: Switch to Hexa Cloud Services at no cost.
  • Two Months Complimentary Hosting: Available with a 6-month or 1-year subscription.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: If not satisfied, clients can revert the migration at no additional charge.

Michael Peres, the founder of Hexa Cloud Services, provided insight into the promotion, stating, “This promotion serves as a risk-free opportunity for potential clients to evaluate the value we bring to the table. We are confident in the superiority of our servers and the excellence of our customer support. Experiencing high-quality hosting can set a new standard for what clients expect from their hosting service.”

Why Consider Hexa Cloud Services?

  • Performance Excellence: Leveraging advanced caching, SSDs, and multi-layered CDNs, Hexa Cloud offers unrivaled speed, especially for WordPress platforms. They guarantee a Grade “A” performance on GTmetrix for every hosted site.
  • Robust Data Safety: Hexa Cloud provides two layers of automatic backups stored on distinct remote locations, eliminating manual backup tasks and ensuring content security.
  • Expert Support: With a 15-year track record in WordPress, server infrastructure, and software development, Hexa Cloud’s team offers comprehensive solutions, not just answers, to technical challenges.
  • Seamless Transitions: Hexa Cloud facilitates smooth migrations to their hosting, offering two free months of hosting as a welcoming gesture. Dissatisfied clients are assured a smooth return migration process.

Hosting Features Include

  • Control with cPanel
  • Latest PHP 8.2
  • MySQL 8
  • LiteSpeed Server
  • Jetbackup
  • Imunify360
  • Integration with CloudFlare and Quic.cloud
  • Redis caching

Getting Started

To get started, simply request a FREE audit with the following link: https://hexacloudservices.com/hexa-cloud-free-website-audit/

Contact Information

Hexa Cloud Services, email: contact@hexacloudservices.com
Get Started: Free Website Audit: www.hexacloudservices.com/hexa-cloud-free-website-audit/

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