Presenting The Runwell Turntable By Shinola

Those of you who have heard of Shinola by now probably appreciate the brand’s high-end bicycles and watches, but it looks like the company is looking to branch out a bit. Its experts have worked on a variety of products lately, including some baseball gloves, pocket knives, a bocce ball set, and even a Leatherman multitool.

The Runwell Turntable By Shinola 1

However, today we’re going to focus on a remarkable piece of audio equipment bearing the Shinola brand, namely the Runwell record player. This plug-and-play turntable flaunts a friction-free all-metal tonearm, a custom-built moving magnet phono cartridge and a modular phono preamplifier. These impressive components rest within a beautiful oak case, which is as elegant as it is functional. No word on pricing just yet, but we definitely shouldn’t expect a cheap one.

The Runwell Turntable By Shinola 3 The Runwell Turntable By Shinola 2

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