Prepare Properly: 4 Important Things to Do When Moving Houses

Are you overwhelmed by your upcoming move?

If so, it’s no surprise. A new study proves that moving is among the most stressful events in life. Not only are you responsible for moving an entire home’s worth of belongings, but you face the anxiety of leaving life as you knew it behind.

Moving is a huge change indeed. However, try to ease some of your stress with a list of things to do when moving house. Read on to find out how to make yours a smooth and anxiety-free move.

1. Make a List of Things to Do When Moving House

Do you know what can slash your anxiety prior to your move by about 50 percent?

The answer is simple: strategize your move. Write a plan down on paper.

For instance, break down everything you need to do prior to your move, and then assign dates to each item on your list.

This way, you have a clear timeline to go by as you clean up, clear your home, and move to your new place.

If you find that you’re veering from your list of things to do, all you need to do is concentrate on any items that you have not checked off your list yet.

2. Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Did you know that there are around 300 thousand things in the average American house?

That’s right. We all accumulate clutter without even realizing it. How much of your stuff can you actually get rid of?

Chances are, you can either give away, sell, or trash a large chunk of what you own.

Go through each room of your home. Clear out one room a day in order to make the task less overwhelming.

Make three piles of items: Junk, Keep, and Give Away. (You can make a fourth pile of stuff to sell, but making sales can be more stressful in the midst of a move.)

Once each room is cleared and all items accounted for, call a junk removal service to clear the items you don’t want anymore. Get that junk hauled away as soon as possible before you change your mind and decide to keep any unnecessary stuff out of guilt.

The great aspect of working with a junk removal service is that you can get rid of large items as well as small ones.

When your junk is removed, give away what is valuable but no longer of use to you. Then, you can finally pack the belongings you’ll take to your new home.

If the items won’t fit into your new home, you might want to consider renting a storage unit to store the items that you want to keep but don’t use frequently.

You’ll probably be relieved at how much your list of things to pack has shrunk.

3. Clean Your Old House from Top to Bottom

Now that you got rid of what you don’t need, clean your home. Not only is this in line with moving etiquette, but you’ll find it useful as well.

First of all, it can be therapeutic to clean your old home one last time. You can gain some closure from the activity.

Secondly, while deep-cleaning your home, you may find some long-forgotten valuables that you’ll want to take with you. Look for money, jewelry, and any other small pieces that can be of value to you.

4. Shut off Your Utilities

Are you on a strict budget during your move?

If so, you don’t want to waste any unnecessary money by forgetting to shut off your utilities.

Plan to shut off your gas, cable, and electricity strategically. Don’t do it too soon before your move, but do so before you actually leave your home. This way, you can verify that the utilities were in fact shut off.

Ideally, you should call the utility companies a week or so in advance and schedule a shut-off for the day of your move.

Are You Ready To Move?

Of course, your list of things to do when moving house seems never-ending. But hopefully, the above tips will help you prioritize and organize your move swiftly.

For more tips on settling into your new home, browse more of our blog. We love supplying useful tips and tricks.