Practical Electron Wheel E-Bike

We never get tired of telling you about the newest and most amazing e-bikes because there’s a very good chance that these modern two-wheelers will someday become the default means of getting from A to B in a busy city. The Electron Wheel is an incredible accessory that allows you to transform your regular bike into an electric one simply by swapping its front wheel.

Practical Electron Wheel E-Bike 1

The entire process can probably be done in a minute or so, which is amazing enough in itself, but the advantages that you get while pedaling uphill, for example, are truly something to write home about. Thanks to an included pedal sensor, the Electron Wheel can figure out how much assistance you really need. Furthermore, the system can link up with your smartphone via a special app, which provides information regarding time, pace, distance and battery life. Range-wise, the wheel can go on for 30 miles on a single charge, and it is able to achieve a top speed of about 20 mph. Not bad at all for $800, right?

Practical Electron Wheel E-Bike 2 Practical Electron Wheel E-Bike 3

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