Powerful And Good Looking Paton S1 Motorcycle

Flaunting exquisite looks and impressive performance capabilities, the Paton S1 motorcycle was created by the Italian experts at Paton, and it represents a modified production version of the beast that the Italians will race during the Isle of Man Lightweight TT of 2014.

That being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that this particular 2-wheeler is absolutely fantastic in all regards, especially once you find out that it is equipped with a fantastic 650cc engine that originated from a Kawasaki Ninja. This engine is able to dish out no less than 72 horsepower, which ensure a very impressive top speed of 133 mph. The chassis of the motorcycle was made entirely by hand and weighs no more than 350 lbs. Other juicy details include a high-end suspension that can be adjusted according to the rider’s preferences, but the Termignoni exhaust is also quite impressive in its own way.

The price for this exquisite product is quite steep unfortunately, $32,000 to be precise.




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