Power and Efficiency in the 2014 Zero SR Electric Motorcycle

We all know by now that electric-powered vehicles are probably the future of personal transportation, and even though we already have plenty of fuel reserves left, more and more electric vehicles are being perfected and launched on a regular basis. Such is the case with the 2014 SR motorcycle by Zero, which represents the fourth member of the Zero electric bike family and the best so far.

As a successor of the previous S model, the SR comes with a power boost of about 24%, which was achieved through the implementation of a larger 660 amp motor controller. This translates to a 0-60 sprint in just 3.3 seconds as well as a top speed of over 100mph, which is extremely impressive for an all-electric vehicle such as this. Moreover, this thing is able to charge to 95% of its full capacity in less than 60 minutes, and once it is fully charged, it guarantees a range of 130 miles on the open road or 170 miles in city driving conditions.

Apart from its incredible efficiency, the Zero SR is also very gadget friendly, since it can sync up with iPhones or Android devices. If you would like to buy one of these red-hot beauties (and we really don’t see why not), you will be able to do so soon for just $17,000.