Porsche Design Indicator Watch in Dubai Mall

Swiss watch manufacturer Eterna and Porsche Design have created this limited edition timepiece, called Porsche Design Indicator Watch. Priced at $270,000, the watch flaunts Titanium, rose gold and natural rubber accents. It features a second timer, a stopwatch and a special dial that indicates the power status of the timepiece, by shifting colors from green to red.

Only 50 such watches were made and of them, just 11 come in this design and with this price. The Indicator is powered by the natural movement of your wrist while you wear it, but you can also manually wind it when power is to low. The piece is available at the Porsche Design store in Dubai Mall, where it arrived six months ago. Dubai Mall placed the order for two Indicators in 2008, but they were only delivered in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

Porsche Design Indicator Watch in Dubai Mall (1) 

Porsche Design Indicator Watch in Dubai Mall (2) 

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