Plush Lamborghini Aventador Interiors by Kahn Design

This is the kind of car interior that makes it incredibly difficult to part with your ride. With such amazing luxury touches, separation anxiety is inevitable every time you have to leave your Lamborghini and enter your home – regardless of how awesome the latter is!

Kahn Design has the magical power of turning even the most exciting car into an even more irresistible ride. This exquisite Lamborghini Aventador interior is the living proof of that. It is minimalist yet complex, with Nappa leather trims and beautifully contrasting white stitching.

The seats are excellent both comfort and design-wise. Fine Nappa is also present on the center console, instrument surround, and steering wheel with integrated airbags. If this isn’t exactly what you want for your Lambo, then you’ll be glad to know that Kahn Design also offers the possibility to customize the interior with a variety of colors, fabrics, and trims. They can even make it match your plush home! Is there anything more you could ask for?Didn’t think so.