Playcade Is An Amazing Home Arcade Project

Arcade games are great, no doubt about it, but the same cannot be said about actual arcade consoles, as they are often large and incredibly heavy to transport or store. Fortunately, thanks to a project named Playcade, you can now transform your regular gaming platform into a great arcade console complete with joysticks, buttons and even faux coin slots for that extra touch of originality.

Playcade works perfectly with laptops, PCs, and gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The kit includes everything that you could possibly need to put the arcade together, including solid color Sanwa pushbuttons, a pair of 24mm solid color Sanwa pushbuttons, a two-player arcade controller, two Sanwa JLF joysticks and even speakers with amplifiers. Apparently, you can put the whole thing together in just 45 minutes, which definitely sounds good. The empty cabinet kit can be purchased for $307, while the full cabinet kit will set you back $507.




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