PJ World Yacht – The Ultimate Luxury Home on Water

This amazing 82-meter (269-foot) superyacht is still under construction in Norway, but it has already drawn a lot of media attention with its awesome features. Designed by Palmer Johnson in collaboration with Rolls Royce, this baby has its own submarine and helicopter hangar!

Whenever you feel like exploring the depths, you can enter the six-man submarine in its internal docking station, and then activate the “James Bond door that opens to the water”, and start your deep underwater journey. The helicopter hangar story is just as exciting, with hatches that open on the deck and invite the aircraft inside, on a hydraulic lift. While the helicopter stays inside, protected from the elements, it can also be “fed” thanks to the special refueling system of the hangar.

The huge vessel will be able to sail in any kinds of water, from the Antarctic to the Mediterranean. When it will start exploring the world (in approximately 18 months, if the building process goes well), it will also have a good security system, with thermal imagery systems and water canons that are meant to protect the ship against any potential pirate attacks.

Accommodations include an owner’s apartment spread on three decks, and an entire fourth deck dedicated to guests. The list of amenities on PJ World is also very impressive: satellite technologies, a cinema, a piano salon, a beauty salon, a classroom for kids, a private swimming pool, and much more. No wonder this superyacht will cost €110 million ($150 million)!

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