Pitch’s House in Madrid, by Iñaqui Carnicero

Pitch’s House in Madrid (18)

Iñaqui Carnicero designed this modern residence in a small neighborhood in Madrid. Built over a big slope, Pitch’s House has a basement level that is meant to solve the problem created by the geographical irregularity of the plot.

The ground floor is where the social areas are situated. Here immense windows dominate the picture and offer unobstructed views of the surroundings. The lovely pool is located at this level too, just outside the living room, on to the extended porch. Thanks to its smart positioning, the house is protected from the burning rays of the summer sun, but exposed to the much-needed light of the sun during winter times.

In contrast to the ground floor, with its extensive use of glass, the first level looks more like a concrete box, specially designed to ensure maximum privacy, without compromising its views and its share of natural light. Everything about this residence is perfectly calculated and designed to respond to its owner’s need for a relaxed, modern lifestyle.

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