Picturesque Private Island In Sweden Costs $7.1 Million

This magnificent Swedish private island used to belong to none other than Tiger Woods before it was sold to a Swedish millionaire. Currently on sale for $7,1 million, the island boasts a superb rocky shoreline as well as a harbor, six golf tees, a hunting lodge and a small virgin forest. The island also includes a luxurious residence that flaunts a rustic design as well as outstanding comforts.
Its living room, for example, is an epitome of elegance that impresses with classic decors, a large L-shaped sofa, a coffee table and large windows that welcome natural light. The dining area boasts a seemingly medieval design, while the kitchen has high-end appliances as well as a nearby fireplace.
As far as the bedrooms are concerned, they also include wooden elements in their designs, including the guest bedroom that features tree-furnished bunk beds.