Pickup Power Surge Protector By Quirky

Every modern household needs a surge protector, especially since we now own so many gadgets and appliances. Pickup Power is an innovative surge protector that was created by a company called Quirky. What makes it stand out among its peers is that it actually features a portable built-in battery, which means that we can use it to charge up our favorite devices on the go.

Pickup Power flaunts a trio of AC outlets and boasts no less than 1080 joules of surge protection. The portable battery pack comes with 4000 or 6000 mAH, and it can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, cameras, e-readers, i-Pods any pretty much anything else that you can think of. To make things even better, Quirky decided to offer the product in black or white so that it may blend easily with almost any workstation. Power on the go. Pretty cool, right?



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