Pentax 645D: Camera of the Year

It’s not a difficult task to convince you of this camera’s awesomeness. The first thing you need to know about it is that it won the “Camera of the Year” title at this year’s Camera Grand Prix in Japan. It is a limited edition Pentax, called 645D and it boasts both advanced functionality and alluring aesthetics. With a dual-tone maroon casing, a matching leather strap and golden lettering, the camera is a real stunner.

Underneath this beautiful exterior, advanced technologies make the device a must-have for all photography lovers. With high definition lenses, amazing clarity and a 40-megapixel resolution, Pentax 645D can only produce perfect pictures. A special lens keeps dust and other tiny particles away and technological assistance is always at hand for the less experienced photographers. The camera is also weather resistant, as it can be used at temperatures of up to -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit).

The price is not yet known, but we do know what the packaging looks like. It is a beautifully crafted paulownia wood box with a silk underlay. If you decide you want this unique camera, you should know that it will take four months for it to reach you. Yes, this is how long the delivery time is.

Pentax 645D Camera of the Year


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