Paul Allen Buys A Russian Mig-29 Fighter Jet

Even though he’s not the richest man in the world, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has got sufficient resources to purchase just about everything that he wants to. After all, he’s got a $13 billion net worth and he ranked 57th on this year’s Forbes list of billionaires.

So he decided to get himself a new toy, a Russian fighter jet, a restored MiG-29. Actually bought by Vulcan Warbirds Inc., the jet is currently on display at his new owner’s Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Washington. Liz Davidson is the manager of the collection and when she was asked whether or not Allen will enter the cockpit in the near future she said that even though there is some interest on the matter Paul himself “hasn’t said he’s ready for his flight”.

The MiG will only be on display for a short while, as according to Davidson, when the weather improves the jet will be moved to an undisclosed location.

Paul Allen Buys A Russian Mig-29 Fighter Jet

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