PAL-V Personal Hybrid Flying Car

Did you ever find yourself stuck in traffic and wishing you could just take off and fly away from that living hell? Of course you did! But what if we told you that your daydream is not very far from reality? PAL-V Europe NV has created the first real flying car, a three-wheeled vehicle that can also take off and fly over obstacles just like a regular helicopter.

Called the PAL-V ONE, this outstanding two-seat hybrid vehicle features a gasoline engine that pushes it to speeds of up to 112 mph, both on the road and in the air. Being cleared to fly below 4,000 feet (the airspace with uncontrolled Visual Flight Rules traffic), the gyroplane will take you over lakes, rivers and mountains, sparing you the trouble of finding an alternative route around the obstacle.

Feel free to explore the world in a comfortable and exciting way, both on land and in air! Let yourself conquered by a smooth driving experience characterized by impressive agility, plus perfectly safe and easy take offs, flights and landings. Thanks to its gyroplane technology, the vehicle can be safely brought back on land even in case of engine failure, as the rotor keeps auto spinning for an easy and safe landing.

PAL-V Personal Hybrid Flying Car

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