Pachacamac House in Peru by Longhi Architects

The Pachacamac House in Peru is a stunning architectural project completed by Longhi Architects some 60 miles away from Lima. It is a completely unconventional 5,166-square-foot residence, built for a couple of philosophers. First the clients fell in love with the site and only then did they start thinking about making a home in this amazing undeveloped area near pre-Inca remains.

The project represented a huge challenge for the architects for several reasons. One of them was the fact that the area had no electricity or sewage water systems, which meant that alternative energy solutions had to be found for the dwelling. This naturally led to a closer human-environment relationship, which eventually became one of the main highlights of the Pachacamac House.

Perfectly blending into the environment, the house is buried inside a hill, creating a harmonious dialogue between landscape and architecture. Describing their clients, Longhi Architects said: “the most interesting the client is the better opportunities the architect has to do his work.” And we believe there is no need to further emphasize just how interesting these clients were.

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